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Over 40 Years in Business

Located in the Pacific Northwest, just 20 miles South of Seattle, Olympic Mountain Products (OMP) has flourished from humble beginnings since its incorporation in 1979 when James Stice saw the opportunity to start his own company.


Leaving the security of employment, James set sail to venture into the entrepreneurial sea of small business 

products, a small filling machine, and one rotary phone, James pinned a sign on the front door, that read "Olympic Mountain Products."

James Stice.jpg

Happy to assist with the family business at an early age, Jeff remembers his mother Marlene picking him up from junior high school and driving him to his dad's company where he took product orders, filled and capped bottles by hand and shipped out finished goods. 

By the mid-1990's, Jeff's experience and influence within the industry had grown to the point where he began to lead the company, regularly traveling across the country to meet with retailers. It was during a fragrance project 

with local Pacific Northwest company, Nordstrom, where Jeff noticed the opportunity for OMP to bring higher-quality home fragrance products to customers at prices much more competitive than traditional retail. 

In the years that followed, through hard work, commitment and on-going education, Olympic Mountain Products found its niche in the home fragrance market. "Since those days we've grown tremendously," explained Jeff, OMP President. "We've gone from filling small orders by hand to filling massive orders across multiple factories and distribution sites. It's an honor to serve some of the greatest retailers in the world, and our commitment to create decorative and functional products with a level of quality that stands out and meets the needs of our customers and retail partners."

Today, over 40 years later, OMP enjoys a long-standing history of collaborating with some of the world's largest retailers to bring premium home fragrance and health & beauty products to consumers across the globe. 

As Olympic Mountain Products continues to serve millions of customers every year in partnership with the world's most reputable retailers, the company remains family owned, committed to creating quality products, teams, and community connection.


- OMP Owner & President, Jeff Stice

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