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Specializing in Premium
Home Fragrance, Bath &
Body and Aromatherapy

Since entering the home fragrance business in 1997, we have become masters of our craft, continuing to expand upon our product options offering the latest trends in home fragrance & home decor.

We currently market several different brand names under the Olympic Mountain Products corporate umbrella that include: Essenza, Essenza Naturals, Essenza Blends, Modern Apothecary, Aroma Aria, Morgan Childs, Seven Palms, Genuine Botanica and Sedona Botanica, that can be found at major retailers and specialty boutiques world-wide.

Image by Autumn Hassett
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Make a statement on your kitchen or bathroom countertop with our premium Essenza soaps. We offer an easy, affordable way to keep the hands of your family and friends clean while still keeping the design Instagram worthy.

From our new Essenza Naturals Collection, to our well-known, Premium Collection, all our hand soaps are formulated with pure essential oils and high-quality ingredients meant to soften hands while gently cleansing. You can find both Collections available in our bespoke scents that come beautifully packaged in custom Essenza glass or plastic vessels.


Our sense of smell, more than any other sense, is connected to our memories and emotions. Let us transport you to some of your favorite memories while you explore the world of Essenza's Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.

Offering a broad selection of 100% plant-based essential oils that can be used to create your own custom blend. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits from our pure single oils, or choose from our on-the-go rollerball blends.


Our stylish collection of Ultrasonic Diffusers are the perfect way to easily incorporate the benefits of natural aromatherapy into your life.

We offer several easy-to-use options that range from simple and compact for travel to hand-crafted statement pieces for your home. Paired with our collection of natural Essenza essential oils and blends, we make it easy and enjoyable to experience aromatherapy at home or on the go.


Transform your outdoor living space into a relaxing oasis with our new Essenza Citronella Candle Collection. Create a one-of-a-kind space with our assortment of contemporary designs, clean lines & unique textures that are available in a variety of of shapes and sizes. With the flicker of our beautifully designed Citronella Candles, let the stress and cares of the world be replaced by feelings of tranquility and relaxation that you will find help blur the lines from indoor to outdoor living.


Experience the natural aromatherapy benefits essential oils have to offer through our premium Essenza bath bombs. Formulated with natural Epsom salt, essential oils and shea butter, our bath bombs are a fun way to soften and moisturize dry skin for both kids and adults.


Craving a spa experience but only have time for a shower? We have the perfect solution- Essenza Shower Bomb tablets!

These powerful little tablets are packed with fragrant essential oils that transform your shower into a mini spa getaway when combined with steam. Whether you need a kick start in the morning or a relaxing moment before bed, simply place one of our effervescent tablets on the shower floor, turn the water on and enjoy!

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ES Himalayan Salt Wax Warmer Lifestyle.j


Wax warmers are a great way to add fragrance and ambiance to your home without the use of a flame. Our wax warmers range from classic styles to on-trend designs, all paired with our premium fragrance wax melts in continuously changing seasonal scents.

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